Monday, February 21, 2011


I've been so MIA lately! Things have been absolutely crazy between school and keeping a social life!

Here are some quick updates on what I've been working on :)

My color theory project, I of course chose owls! :)
(Blue/Primary, Yellow;Purple/Complimentary, Green;Yellow/Analogous, and Orange/Secondary

My 3x4 ft painting. It was a challenge, but a great experience! I'm really pleased with the results.

I'm currently working on another painting, a narrative portrait inspired by the story of The Crane Wife. It's coming together slowly but surely!

I wish I could blog more often, but this semester is crazy! Maybe things will lighten up soon! 

On another note, this past weekend was amazing! I had a wonderful time with my friends, and on Saturday I went hiking with TJ! We had a lot of fun having adventures and taking pictures! He's such an awesome boyfriend,-I am very happy.

Have an amazing, blessed week! -Aubrey


Anonymous said...

Great artwork :) xo.

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