Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick Nibbles: Fancy Graham Crackers

Feeling like you need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try sprucin' up your graham crackers!

My sister was studying diligently, so I brought her this sweet treat! As you can see, I just spread on a bit of Pillsbury Dark Chocolate frosting (or any ole' kind you like) and made them extra cute with some colorful sprinkles! Deliciously quick!

In other news, I went to World Market yesterday (LOVE it) with TJ and found a ton of Hawaiian items! 

TJ was able to spend time in Hawaii last summer, so I decided to bring back some mermories and try some of the Hawaiian sodas we found! They had Mango (my favorite!), Lilikoi (a citrus-y flavor), and Pineapple. They were light and fruity,-another perfect summer beverage! 

Hope you're all having a great week!
Peace, Love, and Art!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red (Zinger!) Iced Tea


My mother came to me yesterday all excited about some special iced tea she saw Martha Stewart make on her TV show. She couldn't remember the name of it, but kept saying it had "Red Zinger" in it!

I had never heard of "Red Zinger". I thought it was alcoholic at first, to be honest! Ha! But after a few searches, I found it on, (since my mother chooses to be computer-illiterate).

She went out and bought the ingredients, and this almost-afternoon she brought me some! It's very tasty,-and slightly minty! It's a subtly sweet tea, and perfect for the summer! Plus, just look at the awesome color! You can find the recipe here.


And a quick but very special note, a HUGE thanks to my friend Kaarin for sending me a wicked cool surprise package today! It couldn't have come at a better time. I can't wait to read them!

You're the best! xoxo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday: Arcade Fire

Hey everybody, it's Music Monday!!!

Music is always a huge inspiration to me and what I create. Sometimes I just sit and listen with my eyes closed to music, and let my imagination run wild. It may sound crazy,-but try it! I've filled up notebooks with ideas solely inspired by music.

Now, I could update you with what I've been listening to lately, but I thought, how about what I'm always listening to?

I'd have to say one of my favorite bands of all time has to be Arcade Fire. They're just SO incredible! They have the sound of a thousand smiling faces marching toward a shining Utopia...or something like that! They're very anthemic, but they still keep a uniqueness to their music and lyrics. Love em!

Enjoy an oldie from their album Funeral, called "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"

P.S.- They're Grammy winners! Album of the Year!

Cheer up your Monday with some great music! Peace, Love, and Art!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quick Nibbles: Edamame and an Ice Cold Drink

Hello again! Just dropping in for a little treat!
Sometimes I have these ideas for lunch that are healthy, but every once in a while, an ice cold soda sounds really great!

Thus, my quick lunch yesterday was delicious edamame (aka soy beans,-you can find them at any local grocery store) with sea salt, and an ice cold Cherry Dr. Pepper! And what better way to drink it than in these super adorable Octopus cups I found at a discount store!?

I don't usually drink soda,-so I think next time I'll have it with some Peach & Green sun tea :)!

Happy Summer!

The Struggle of An Artist

Something I recently posted to my tumblr, and wanted to share here as well:

I know I don’t post much about my personal life on here, but since it’s art related, I figured I might as well share. I hope it encourages someone else who may be struggling with the same things. :)
I’ve been in a rut lately with my art. Or rather, art as a career/job. I know it’s what I love to do and what I’m “made” to do, so to speak, but I had so many plans for summer and it’s going at such a snail pace. I’ve been extremely discouraged and honestly quite depressed about it. I’ve admittedly gotten put out/stopped working at times because of it, BUT! I think things are finally looking up.

I hear people say it all the time, “hard work will pay off”, “only you can make your dreams come true”, and so forth…and it was only until recently that I nearly stopped believing that. I thought, “I’m working so freaking hard-and I’m going nowhere!” I have been so frustrated, on top of dealing with various health just seemed like nothing was going right.

At the beginning of summer I had planned to start my etsy shop, and it’s now halfway through summer and I still haven’t opened it. It’s just difficult because I tend to get afraid when I know how to exactly do something. It’s hard to be business minded when the other part of you is completely opposite. I don’t know how to manage money as well as I’d like to yet, so I’ve just been going on what I know, but it kind of freaks me out because I’m afraid I’m going to miss something and end up making a big mistake.

Enough of that though,-let’s just skip to my point. Despite all of the obstacles,-I’ve continued to work. For a while I just had to stop worrying about money, say whatever, and just keep working on art,-keep doing what I love. I have started a few personal projects and it has been so freeing. And oddly enough, I should be opening up my etsy shop within the next few weeks. I think I have enough to get it kickstarted and I’m not worrying about every little detail.

I’ve got the basic knowledge, and the rest I will just have to learn from experience. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to make mistakes. That’s one of the main ways we learn!

So I want to encourage all of you, as cheesy as it can sound,-truly follow your dreams. Follow what you’re passionate about. While it is not always (I’d venture to say never) an easy journey, I really believe that if you keep working at whatever that is, you can make it happen! Again, I’m not gonna sugar coat it,-it’s hard work. You WILL have obstacles and times where it seems like your dream’s not going anywhere, but press on, my friends!

I’m only just beginning, but I’m excited as I work towards my goals and dreams.

And also, Etsy is only the beginning too, haha. I don’t want to just make a living off of that, although it’d be pretty frickin’ sweet if I could!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Makin' Prints & the beginnings of Aubirdy Artworks

Hey again!

Since I moved home for the summer, I realized I had one big pile of art pieces! I had several small ones and have been wanting to scan them and have them printed, but I hadn't set up my new printer at my apartment. I brought it home, got it set up, and ta-da! I made prints!

I scanned them in, resized them to 5''x7'' in photoshop, played with the colors if necessary, and saved them at 300 dpi on a usb drive! I then took the drive to staples and had them printed. They turned out wonderfully, and I love all the colors of my little sea creatures!

While looking through all of my art, I found some old drawings I did way back on '07! So I decided why not have them printed too, since they scanned so well!

Anyway, for a while now I've been wanting to start a fb fan page for my artwork so I can keep it all in one place. I haven't been able to set up an Etsy shop (YET) but hopefully that will happen soon because that would be even easier as far as selling goes. I've planned out all of my shipping costs and so forth, so I feel almost ready to start! I have set up my fb fan page however, and you can look at my art here!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! 

P.S. Here's some kitty pictures :3
 Mushee being goofy!

And Squishee being adorable as usual, where my pillow should be!


Phew, it's been a long time since I've blogged!

This past semester was crazy, but beneficial! I learned loads about myself and my art,-stretching my artistic mind! There was a lot of projects and lots of things going on personally, but summer has been a nice change.

To kick off summer, three friends of mine went with me to Corpus for the "Ink Slingers Ball" hosted by the printmaking professor from TAMUCC, Ryan O'Malley. It was an awesome event filled with music, live workshops, and a printmaking gallery show that I was honored to be featured in! It was a great opportunity and I'm so grateful for my professor and friend, John Hancock, for all his help and perpetuating me to new levels as an artist. I got to see some old friends since I used to live in Corpus Christi, and had a blast with my friends that accompanied me,-even though we almost went to MEXICO on our way down! Never use Google Maps, stick with GPS! ;)

Here are some pictures from the trip!:

 My nesting doll and zombie in the show!

 My friends checking out the gallery show,-beautiful work!

We even got some beach time :)

More posts about what I've been making lately soon!
Peace, Love, and ART!