Friday, June 3, 2011

Makin' Prints & the beginnings of Aubirdy Artworks

Hey again!

Since I moved home for the summer, I realized I had one big pile of art pieces! I had several small ones and have been wanting to scan them and have them printed, but I hadn't set up my new printer at my apartment. I brought it home, got it set up, and ta-da! I made prints!

I scanned them in, resized them to 5''x7'' in photoshop, played with the colors if necessary, and saved them at 300 dpi on a usb drive! I then took the drive to staples and had them printed. They turned out wonderfully, and I love all the colors of my little sea creatures!

While looking through all of my art, I found some old drawings I did way back on '07! So I decided why not have them printed too, since they scanned so well!

Anyway, for a while now I've been wanting to start a fb fan page for my artwork so I can keep it all in one place. I haven't been able to set up an Etsy shop (YET) but hopefully that will happen soon because that would be even easier as far as selling goes. I've planned out all of my shipping costs and so forth, so I feel almost ready to start! I have set up my fb fan page however, and you can look at my art here!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! 

P.S. Here's some kitty pictures :3
 Mushee being goofy!

And Squishee being adorable as usual, where my pillow should be!


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