Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday: Young Galaxy

Be prepared, this is actually an album I'm for once not obsessed with!

Okay, so it's about 50/50.

I've listened through Young Galaxy's new album Shapeshifting, a few times over, but I just can't get behind it 100%. Some of the songs just don't phase me. They're not the worst thing I've ever heard, but it's not something that gets stuck in my brain!

Anyway, about half of it is pretty decent though! Maybe I just need to listen to it through a few more times. All I know for sure is that their song "Cover Your Tracks" makes the album. I can't stop listening to it (ah! There's the obsession) and singing along.

I saw someone on Tumblr say "It's like Donkey Kong Country 2 but DELUXE!" I'll have to agree. If you guys listen to the whole album, tell me if you think I'm wrong about it, but here's Cover Your Tracks!

On to the second week of my Senior year! Some posts from classes coming soon!



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