Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Farmer's Market, ACL, & Tattoos!

A few weekends ago, I was informed that there was a Farmer's Market here in Belton! I was so surprised as Belton is such a small, quiet town. Even for a college town, there's not much available to the average college kid.

However, after talking to one of the ladies that runs part of the Farmer's Market, she said she would love for folks to come out and sell some art! ...And so we did!

Thus, my art partner-in-crime, Lauren, and I went out to try and make a buck! 

We drug a fairly small, but heavy table (provided by the UMHB art department) out to the street and set up our "booth":

We had such a difficult time with the wind. Luckily, I had some books to help act as make-shift paper weights!

Lauren and I enjoyed interacting with people and seeing their reactions to our artwork. 

My zombie seemed to be the hit of the day,-in both positive and negative ways. Most people looked at Lauren's beautiful watercolors and then got to my zombie at the bottom. It was hilarious to see their faces change from pleasant to disturbed and concerned. One older man was even bold enough to say, "You should come by the office sometime, we have pills for that."

I argue that because I make those things, I don't need to take pills!

The day didn't stop there! Shortly after getting back from the Farmer's Market, a friend asked me if I wanted some free ACL tickets for that night. 

I thought, "Wait. What? Free? ...Is this real life?

How many times in life does THAT happen? Of course I said yes! My good friend Cody and I hopped in the car, picked up the tickets (thanks Joe!), and we were off to Austin!

(After walking forever) We saw TV on the Radio, My Morning Jacket, and even heard a bit of Stevie Wonder! We visited our friends at DriveByPress and picked up some wicked hand pressed shirts as well! It was a trip well worth making!

As if it hadn't been a long enough day already, Cody decided since we were in Austin it was time for him to get his tattoo. He'd been wanting to get it for quite a while, so I figured, what the heck-it's the weekend! 

We went to Atomic Tattoos in Austin. Everyone was extremely nice and after a bit of a wait, Cody had a tattoo!

It was a very, very long day, but full of spontaneity and FUN!

On to the next one!


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