Monday, September 26, 2011

Part II: Mochalux Coffee August Artist of the Month

(Life is insane! Here's Part II, belated as usual!)

As mentioned in my previous post, besides having the honor of being Artist of the Month, I was also Special Guest for an event at the end of the month!

There were some great musicians that played, great coffee, great people-and me! I arrived at about 1 PM and ran my booth until the events of the evening at 8 PM. I had a fun time meeting and talking to some interesting folks! (Thanks to all of my friends and family too for coming out to support me!)

I made a few sales, and even more wonderfully, raised a generous amount of donations for the A21 Campaign! (Please click to learn more about A21. Sex trafficking IS slavery and it is WRONG, and still very real and rampant. Let's help stop it!)

During the day was obviously slower than the evening, but I maintained the booth. TJ was kind enough to sit with me and keep me company. When I got hungry, he went out and got us some burgers! He takes good care of me. Before he left though, I made him draw me a picture on my idea of a guest list. I had a bunch of rolls of printer paper that I just rolled out with a bucket of crayons and markers!:

(I forgot to take a picture but he drew me an evil burger man!)

Here's everyone at the evening events!

I can't thank the folks of Mochalux enough for providing me with such an opportunity! It's incredibly refreshing to find a business that truly desires to perpetuate young artists and musicians (AND makes great coffee and tea!).

I look forward to showing at Mochalux again in November or December!

I hope this inspires other young artists, or whomever, to keep on after your dreams.
You really can do whatever you put your mind to!



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