Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday: Neon Indian

I suppose I should just admit that any of my Music Monday picks are always songs that I play often. Maybe a little too often. However, I'm always impressed when a song can stick with me, because I'd say there's more songs that don't than do!

My pick of the week is a sparkling little gem from Neon Indian's new album, Era Extra├▒a. The whole album is very classic 80's meets Daft Punk. Some of it's a little too obscure for my taste (the instrumental stuff), but over all it's decent! (Also, I had no idea they started out in Denton, TX,-very close to my neck o' the woods!)

I recently saw the video for their single, Polish Girl, and fell in love. It has light painting, catchy electronic beats,...and a robot man! Plus, I love the way Alan Palomo dances in the video. I dig it.

So draw some stars on your face, hit the lights, and tease your hair!

I've got some exciting announcements and blogs coming your way this week! Stay tuned in! :)
Peace, Love, n' Art!


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