Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Adorable Twibirdy!

For my last week of freedom at home, I had a hankerin' to take some pictures! It had been a while since I had done any creative pictures, and I was in the mood to experiment! Thus, one of my favorite models (aka great friends) Twi, also known as Twibirdy, came over to be my guinea pig!

I usually go into photos with some sort of a plan, but I just wanted to shoot and see what would happen this time. She brought some outfits she thought might work, and I pulled some stuff out of the "costume closet" at my house. And...voila! The following are what turned out (be sure to get a closer look on my flickr):

First, she was already wearing a cute striped sweater so I decided to play up the black and add some cutesy little elements to her! I thought it was fun :) Plus, I love owls!

Next we went for a more fashion-inspired route and came up with these in her lovely floral dress!

Next we got crazy! Okay, I got crazy. I don't think Twi understood where I was going with the look, but she's faithful none the less! These are my favorites! She is overwhelmingly cute as a "leetle arteest":

And last but not least, masks and tulle always work! Especially with pretty sunlight:

A HUGE thankyou to Twi for always being so patient and willing to do the "crazy" things I ask of her! It was fun and I hope to shoot more when it gets warmer! 

See ya later!


Anonymous said...

Aw, these photos are gorgeous and inspire me to want to be good when it comes to photography so much!

Anonymous said...

Great shots and edits! This makes me want to shoot more!


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