Monday, January 3, 2011

A Very Spoiled Christmas!

I thought I'd take a moment to brag and thank my wonderful boyfriend TJ for such awesome Christmas gifts! I was completely surprised and overwhelmed not only by the amount of wonderful things he gave, but also how much thought went into it all. I'm so very blessed and amazed! Thank you, once again.

I wanted to share with the rest of you since I love it all so much and concerns not only artsy things, but some of my favorite things that make me happy! :)

1. A pretty green journal and oil pastel set (I LOVE art supplies & journals, always!)

2. "Mistletoe Man Magnet" chocolate bar & Super Cute Coupon book


Some peeks into the precious coupon book he made me :) This makes me so happy <3

Probably one of my favorite things I got (while I love it all). He calls me bluebird :) and I love cute simple charm necklaces like this, it's perfect!

Blingin' Shiny heart necklace!

And last but not least, my TY Panda bear! Yet another thing with special meaning :) When we were first getting to know each other and planned our first dance party together, somehow the random idea of "glowing pandas" being at our party was just an inside joke that stuck with us! I can't wait to put the little guy on my desk at school to keep me company!

If you're wondering what I got him for Christmas, well, I wasn't nearly as good! Despite having mono and tonsillitis all break, I had to "cheat" a little. I gave him 3 handmade silver charm necklaces (pictures later?) that I made in my arts metals class at school. Which is great, but he already knew about them. I'm also doing a special painting of his choice for his apartment! I wish it had done before, but such is life! Teej is too great for his own good though. I feel so spoiled! But all in all, extremely grateful for someone who will put so much thought into these things!



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