Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally! An Update!

Seems like forever since I have updated! Things in my life lately have been absolutely crazy and rushed, but it's all very good!

I recently moved back into my apartment at school, and have been trying to get back into the swing of academic life after an odd winter break. Finally feeling like myself again after having mono AND tonsillitis (yes, it was miserable), and ready to get working hard in school.

This semester I am taking:
  • Printmaking (which I am SO excited for, I think it will be my favorite!)
  • Painting II
  • Photography II
  • Sculpture 
  • Color Theory
Sounds like a lot of fun, right? I'm ecstatic! All of my classes will require much time and effort, but I can't wait for the challenges and enjoyment they're going to bring!

I was talking to a friend about my major, Studio Art. He was totally benevolent, but mentioned that while he's glad our university teaches traditional art, everything is going digital, thus essentially more important. While I agree, and I have studied/looked into digital aspects of art here and there, I feel like traditional art is still very alive and necessary (Plus I couldn't sit clicking a mouse for hours on end, I want to make things!) I mean, look at Etsy! It's a phenomena of homemade and hand crafted, and it makes people happy. If you're looking for "big money", I doubt etsy is going to be the ideal career for you (in most cases), but my parents have always taught me to do what I love. Be smart, of course, learn the necessary business and networking tools, but ultimately do what you love. That's my opinion anyway!

Now that I've stepped off my soapbox, I leave you with what I did before I went to bed last night! I started a simple little watercolor from the "Tangled" watercolor book my mother got me for Christmas! (Who cares if I'm almost 21, it's adorable!):


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