Monday, January 3, 2011

Watercolor Fun!

Well, let's see how this first "real" post looks! I started finally uploading work that I've done this semester, and found these watercolors inspired by one of my favorite artists, Ambird. I had so much fun with these! Oddly enough, I started the first painting w/ rollerskates in mind, and somehow ended up with this very magical owl! Who knows where my mind goes sometimes, but it's still my favorite. I plan on continuing the series! They were made with cheap supplies: Cheap watercolor paper, a cheap set of watercolors I got from Michael's and a cheap pack of brushes! I outlined them w/ my india ink pens and used a white paint pen for the accents of stars and jewels. Such a fun project!

New Years goals post soon? Maybe after I tackle the hill that is my laundry!
Enjoy for now!



ElementaryPenguin said...

I'm your first follower! Guess who.

Aubirdy said...

Uhhhmm, Ben? :d

Kaarins said...

sigh, you're so very good.

ElementaryPenguin said...

Close, but no cigar.

Aubirdy said...

Paul :)

ElementaryPenguin said...

You guessed it! Blogs are so fun. I don't have one yet. But one of these days, I'll probably have one for my music and videos.

Aubirdy said...

I only said ben because he had recently discussed with me about making a blog for some writings of his! But...Paul! It's elementary my dear Watson!

I'd love to see a music/vid blog from you!

ElementaryPenguin said...

I'm Elementary Penguin because the first blog I followed was about the Beatles, and there's a line in the song "I Am the Walrus" where they sing "Elementrary Penguins/ singing Hare Krishna/ man you should have seen them/ kicking Edgar Allen Poe."

I thought it was obscure enough that it'd be original.

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